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We are not just

We are rebels who create Viral Disruptive Advertising


The crunch

At VIDAA CRUNCH, our strength lies in the ability to understand the business aspect of the brands and function as its extension.

Whether it’s about how a brand communicates its vision or how a product makes for a good story, it’s decided by a number of factors and strategy lies at the core of it.
An Integrated Marketing and Development Solutions Company, we bridge the gap between you and your target audience.


What do we do?


Web Design & Dev

At Vidaa, we expertize in web, Ui and Ux. We make your dream site come true with our creativity! Ecommerce/ business/ Lms, we have every solution for you


Branding & Creative Strategy

Managing your brand’s placement & positioning and the creative output from concept to production, in order to dedicatedly convey your brand’s vision is something we routinely brainstorm over and execute.


Social Media Marketing

At Vidaa, we don’t look at Social Media as an exploitation tool to promote products and services, but a platform for a long term engagement, customer loyalty and eventual sales.


Search Engine Marketing

Amongst millions of search engine results, with Vidaa’s smart AI bot we deduce and map the secret ingredients of the search algorithms thus placing you in the top line of search.


On-Ground Marketing

People believe what they see or are told sometimes physically more than digitally. As our principles of marketing stand corrected, the magic happens when people interact with people.


Content Marketing

Content will always be the one ingredient which differentiates Vidaa. We are known for using impressive non-traditional visual communications in all our engagement campaigns.


Why Us?

Ask, not merely believe.
Impressions don’t lead to answers